An Instant Quote is an easy, anonymous way to find out exactly what Livible will cost for pickup, monthly storage and delivery. You'll also see how much you would save compared to self-storage. All you do is select how long you need storage for then click on images of the different types of items (eg, boxes, beds, tables, etc) you need to store and it will instantly create an estimate that you can email to yourself. Or, if you'd prefer, call us and we'll create the estimate for you.

Your Instant Quote is so accurate that  Livible guarantees it. After all what use is an estimate if you don't stand behind it. Your costs for Livible are guaranteed to be as displayed for the specific term and items you selected. We can do this as our pricing is based on the cubic feet picked up, stored or delivered. That includes a fixed rate for pickup and delivery instead unpredictable hourly rates. If your actual term and items (type or quantity) are different than what you selected your billing would reflect that instead. Pickup and delivery fees do not include packing and unpacking. Our Personal Packers can do it for you for $36/hour. 

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