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Prior to pickup, your boxes, bins, suitcases, and duffle bags should be packed, sealed, and ready for us to load them onto our vehicle. We'll bring extra Livible Labels and wrap all furniture in padded moving blankets or cardboard, and then shrink wrap or tape to seal and protect. 

Please disassemble any bed frames prior to our arrival. Please make sure any boxes weigh less than 40 lbs or light enough for one person to safely pickup and carry. All items need to safely fit through any doorways, hallways, elevators, and stairs.

If you pre-purchased labels, you can take photographs of items as you pack so you can see what you’ve put inside each box before you seal it.  

If we’re picking up items both for storage and to donate, please identify the exact items you want us to donate so we can label them for donation instead of storage. 

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